Summer Camps

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Summer Camps – Week by Week

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Girls/Boys VolleytotsK - 3rd$145BeginnerDetails/Registration
Girls 3rd - 5th Grade Indoor/Sand Camp3rd - 5th$185Beginner/IntermediateDetails/Registration
Girls 3rd - 5th Grade Advanced Indoor/Sand Camp3rd - 5th$185Intermediate/Advanced (or players who have completed the 3rd-5th grade camp series)Details/Registration
Girls 4th-8th Grade Training Clinics4th - 8th$265Beginner/IntermediateDetails/Registration
Girls 6th - 8th Grade Indoor/Sand Camp6th - 8th$185Beginner/IntermediateDetails/Registration
Girls 6th - 8th Grade Advanced Indoor/Sand Camp6th - 8th$185Intermediate/Advanced (or players who have completed the 6th - 8th grade camp series)Details/Registration
Girls Middle School Tryout Camp6th - 8th$165Players aiming to make their middle school teamDetails/Registration
Girls Elite All Skills Training6th - 12th$155-250Intermediate/AdvancedDetails/Registration
Girls Sand Camp7th - 12th$135Beginner/IntermediateDetails/Registration
Girls Setting Camp With Lauren Plum7th - 12th$130Beginner/Intermediate/AdvancedDetails/Registration
Girls Passing /Defense Camp7th - 12th$130Beginner/Intermediate/AdvancedDetails/Registration
Girls Hitting/Blocking Camp7th - 12th$130Beginner/Intermediate/AdvancedDetails/Registration
Girls Strength & Conditioning8th - 12th$115Details/Registration
Girls High School Tryout Camp9th - 12th$145-180Players aiming to make their high school teamDetails/Registration
Boys 3rd - 6th Grade Indoor/Sand Camp3rd - 6th$80-185Beginner/IntermediateDetails/Registration
Boys Beginner Training Clinics6th - 8th$265BeginnerDetails/Registration
Boys Indoor Elite Training6th - 12th$120Intermediate/AdvancedDetails/Registration
Boys Sand Camp7th - 12th$135Beginner/IntermediateDetails/Registration
Boys Elite Sand Training with Paul Araiza9th-12th$200Intermediate/AdvancedDetails/Registration