Girls / College Placement Workshop

College Placement Workshop


Age Group

Grades 9-12



The workshop is ideal for parents of 9th through 12th grade girls who aspire to play in college. Topics to be covered include a review of how to target the appropriate schools for your child’s volleyball ability and academic interests, and an overview of recruiting timelines and fact finding resources.


The workshop is free and open to the prep community, however pre-registration is required as attendance is limited to 25 people per session.




[email protected]


COAST Volleyball

11526 Sorrento Valley Rd, Ste N

San Diego, CA 92121


Dates Coming Soon . . .


Both meetings are identical and are run by COAST Director, Ozhan Bahrambeygui.


Our goal at COAST is to assist in the college recruitment process. Not only do we prepare players with the skills to succeed at the next level but also provide guidance to families embarking on the recruitment journey. In COAST’s last eight years, the club has placed over 150 athletes in college programs.


Every season COAST offers a comprehensive college placement workshop which is free and open to the public. The workshop offers insight into the overall process, provides tips and advice and also helps shape realistic expectations for players and parents with collegiate volleyball ambitions.


COAST’s experienced staff is also a valuable resource available to families in need of help navigating the college recruiting process. Many of our coaches have established relationships with college programs and will actively promote COAST players’ interests.


Digital video taping and editing services are also available.

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