Boys Regional Travel Teams

COAST Regional teams are considered by athletes who are looking to play varsity volleyball and compete against the best teams in club.


Age Groups

The following regional teams are expected to be fielded this year:



Middle School

The middle school age group boys’ seasons begins with tryouts and group training in September and team training in October. With no school season to interrupt training, teams will practice continuously through June.

High School

The high school age group boys’ season is broken up into two parts. The first portion of the season begins with tryouts and group training in September, team training beginning in October and concludes in late January. The second portion of the season resumes with tryouts in late May and team training and regional tournament play taking place in June.

Teams typically practice 8 times per full month.

Regional teams compete in all of the regional events and have approximately 16 competition days. Teams may opt to compete in additional out of region Junior National Qualifiers. The additional cost of these out of region qualifiers and tournaments are not included in the regular season dues. An SCVA schedule can be found at by clicking on Juniors/Boys/Schedule.