Coaching: girls
Team: 11-2

Paden was born and raised in San Diego, where she still resides in her beloved hometown of Lakeside. As a young athlete she played many sports ranging from soccer, dance, swimming, softball, to track & field. But, there has never been a sport she loved more than volleyball. She fell in love with the game in 7th grade the first time she stepped into the sand and had a chance to get a hit on the ball. During promotion from middle school to high school she was awarded the Ed Curtis Memorial for not only playing volleyball, but also competing in and winning 1st place in the Junior Olympics for high jump..on a broken foot.

Cast off and excited to play in high school, she joined the El Captain Vaqueros as a middle blocker her freshman year. Being the first freshman on her team to run slides in a game. Although she loved the middle, it was apparent during her sophomore year, that slamming the ball from the far left side as an outside hitter was her calling.

She not only excelled on the court being awarded a spot on MaxPrep’
​s All Star Players list two years in a row (2010 & 2011), she also focused on her studies and earned a spot on San Diego Union Tribune’s 2011 All Academic Girls Volleyball Team. As a senior in 2011 Paden had the honor of being chosen by her peers to be a captain of their team, a leadership role she thoroughly enjoyed.

Always having a left foot ache, after her senior year season she went to the doctor to find a resolution for her ache. It was then she was told she’d been playing all four years on a broken foot. Luckily, she waited to go to the doctor until after the season. She was placed in a walking boot for twelve weeks, and when it still didn’t heal, she received surgery to correct the injury just after her first year semester of college. Eager to get back into the game she joined Cuyamaca College’s volleyball team as an outside hitter the first available preseason workout.

Today she works a regular day job in the mortgage industry, but carrying a passion for volleyball she still gets together with friends and co-workers after work and on weekends to play in pick up games at the beach whenever possible. She is excited for the season ahead!