COAST Performance

COAST Performance is a strength, conditioning and agility program that develops athletes to become stronger and more dynamic.

What is COAST Performance?
COAST Performance takes a solid volleyball player and develops them into an elite volleyball athlete. We build the strength necessary to move quickly and efficiently and the power to elevate over blockers and to press over the net. Athletes will also develop movement patterns to avoid injury and enhance recovery.

Who should join COAST Performance?
High School Athletes (13-18 years) – Focus on taking athletes to levels they never imagined they could perform at – whether that’s making their varsity team or playing for a DI university. We work closely with college strength coaches to prepare high school athletes for high level volleyball programs.

Elite Athletes – Our elite athletes experience the same high level program as the junior and high school athletes, but are taken to the next tier of athletic development via a customized training menu developed to meet goals unique to each athlete.

About the Facility:
The facility is unlike anything else you will find in Southern California. There is 2,000 square feet containing state of the art equipment that rivals an Olympic training center. This dedicated training space is a 2 minute walk from COAST headquarters. The proximity is convenient and allows for a safe and distraction free environment to focus on the performance training at hand.

What to Expect:
Expect to learn proper mechanics and movement and to be pushed to levels you didn’t think you could obtain. Expect to gain confidence as your strength, vertical and quickness improves. And know that COAST Performance is here to help you achieve your goals whether that be make an elite club team, earn a college scholarship, or compete on the AVP.

Meet the Coaches:
Steve Laubenberg has been training athletes for 20+ years. We like to call Steve the ‘Mad scientist’ of performance because his passion lies at the cutting edge of sports performance science, technique, and equipment. Steve graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston with a degree in exercise science. Steve’s passion is helping athletes get better. “I love it when my athletes improve in the gym. Whether it’s increases in strength, higher vertical jumps or faster sprint times. However, nothing compares to improving an athletes’ sport performance. I love it when my athletes tell me they can feel the difference and that their coaches can see the difference when the athlete is playing their sport. That’s what it’s all about!”

Steve grew up playing football and running track before transitioning to volleyball in college. He has spent the past 25 years playing and coaching beach and indoor volleyball.

Melissa Hinkley has been working with athletes in San Diego for the past 8 years. During that time, she has continually sought after new ways to increase power/vertical, speed and strength. While getting her Masters in Exercise Physiology, she studied under strength coaches at San Diego State and the University of San Diego. She worked with college athletes at both SDSU and USD before deciding to specialize on youth sports performance. Since then, she has visited with some of the top strength coaches in the country in order to develop an elite program. The role of a Performance coach is multifaceted, but she likes to say she earns Division I scholarships for athletes.

Melissa played basketball and softball in college, had a brief stint at the Olympic training Center playing rugby, and now competes in beach volleyball.

Steve and Melissa have worked with hundreds of volleyball players of all ages and all levels. They have helped young athletes develop the foundation necessary to excel at higher levels, and high school athletes earn Division I scholarships. They customize training to fit the needs of each player and maximize their innate strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Training Options:
Performance Training (6 – 12 athletes):
30-40 minute session immediately before or after practice
– 2x per week $80/month
-Unlimited sessions $120/month

Small group and individualized private training can be customized upon request.

*Athletic development is a process, and we strongly recommend a 3 month commitment in order to see results.


If you are signing up for Team training, a private link will be emailed to you by your coach or team parent.

If you are signing up for private or small group sessions, please register below. You will need to register for your two days of training separately.  For example, if registering for Mondays & Wednesdays, select your Monday time and check out.  Then, select your Wednesday time and check out.

For questions on team training or customized schedules, please contact:
Melissa Hinkley Myers

For questions on small group training, please contact:
Steve Laubenberg