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2014 Boys Tryouts

COAST Boys volleyball club will be
holding tryouts for the 2014/2015 season
starting on Thursday Sept 4th.
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Pretryout Workout

COAST will be running pretryout
workouts for middle school starting
Oct 9th.
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National Champs!!

COAST 18 Ozhan wins Junior
Olympic 18 Open Championship in
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2014 Postseason Results

Results from Junior Olympic to
AAU's to Festival in Phoenix.

COAST Volleyball brings together teachers of fantastic origins for one common purpose, to serve kids. Our value driven approach blends volleyball professionals, and former Olympians with the best young coaches. In doing so, we hope to attract, retain and develop people of great character, so that every child may be taught to treasure a team experience.


COAST is located in easy to get to Sorrento Valley, and calls its home a state of the art facility featuring 7 indoor courts and 3 beach courts, with access to a full spectrum weight training center. In the program’s 24 year history, COAST has taught 2,500 youths to play volleyball, and helped another 350 compete in college. COAST athletes have continued on to be Junior Olympic National Champions, NCAA Players of the Week, NCAA Freshmen of the Year, FIVB Beach Players of the Year, NCAA Division I Champions, and a handful have made a run at the USA Olympic Team.


Most importantly, the COAST staff strives to create a great learning atmosphere whether you are a rank beginner or an experienced college bound player. We welcome you to sample our program’s instructive environment at one of our camps or pre-tryout workouts. Beyond winning and losing our mission is to excel on behalf of kids who love volleyball.